[Flug] iMac new generation to sell

Paolo Panza pappanz at gmail.com
Mi Aug 11 15:55:04 CET 2010

Dear friends,

my apologies for writing in English, but my German is not as good as I
would like. I own 2 blue iMacs new generation with the following rough
specs: slot loading, 500 and 400MHz, unknown amount of RAM, decent
hard drive. I know I should have a deeper look at the detailed
specifications, but at the moment I am lacking time. I saved these two
machines from destruction from the Biology Department at the
University. I would have brought them with me in Italy, but I have not
enough space, therefore I am selling them for a symbolic offer. I
though that a LUG is perfect for this, as these machines would run
Debian quite smoothly. If you are interested please write me back, I
have to leave at the end of the month. Autonomous transport is
unfortunately required.


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